Monday, January 4, 2016

Stop wasting money: 4 shopping tricks for consumers

Author: YI Mobility Inc.

Shopping can be fun. Visiting your local marketplace in search of an exciting outfit, necessary supplies or other purchases isn't a chore for many people, but rather an entertaining diversion similar to pursuing a trophy. If you want to be a successful hunter, and ensure the cost of your activities doesn't outweigh the benefits, you have to avoid wasting money on bad consumer habits. Here are four strategies for getting the most value on your shopping trips:

1. Know what you already have
Have you ever bought groceries only to end up with two cartons of milk because you forgot to check your refrigerator? Before you go out shopping, Popsugar, a lifestyle blog, suggested you take a quick inventory of the supplies you're looking to replenish. You should also take a look at the belongings new purchases may compliment.

Handy mobile devices can make this process simpler. You can take a picture of cabinets and fridge shelves to see how much food is left. Try shopping with photos of your favorite clothing items to ensure accessories or other pieces will match your ensemble.

2. Set a limit
You want to make sure you only spend as much as you can afford. When planning a shopping trip you should take time to look at your bank account and have a strong grasp of your current finances. If you're out shopping, take a second to check your balances on your phone.

Documenting your limit helps you keep it in mind and prevents you from constantly moving your financial restrictions higher as you shop. Bankrate advised consumers to withdraw their available limit in cash and banning the use of credit cards on afternoon shopping sprees.

3. Avoid taking too many trips
Making lots of little trips to stores can start to add up. The Lifehacker advice site warned shoppers against buying lots of small snacks when they can save money by buying in bulk. People often feel the need to buy something every time they visit a store. If you have this habit, you may want to limit your trips to the market.

You can schedule your shopping trips like events. This gives you time to prepare your finances and lists. It also provides you with a chance to make large purchases that will last for some time.

4. Join a loyalty program
You should find stores in your community that offer consistent value and service. There's nothing worse than spoiling a shopping trip with frustrations from poor customer care or shoddy merchandise. Settling on favorite locations - especially for food or other supplies you must continuously buy - gives you a dependable source for shopping satisfaction.

When you do visit the same store numerous times, you should profit from your loyalty by joining a discount program. Every trip to your favorite business can earn deals, free merchandise or specialized service if you find a store with a membership offer.

You want to find a loyalty program most convenient to you. Many shoppers lose money by forgetting punch cards or coupons at home, so see if you can find a business that will let your redeem points online or through your mobile device.


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