Wednesday, December 30, 2015

5 tricks to pull in window shoppers

Author: YI mobility

When people start walking around markets without a specific shopping goal in mind, you want to have tactics in place to turn your location from a diversion into a destination. You can do this by offering a reward, entertainment or a unique experience. Here are five ways you can communicate your business is a stop not to be missed:

1. Window displays outside the ordinary
A window display is your first chance to promote your offerings and your brand. When designing your storefront, it might be best to ignore standard practices and do something nobody would expect.

The Harvard Business Review suggested you can capture consumers' attention with expectancy violation theory - the need to investigate things that are out of the ordinary. If the window display for your shoe store displays chocolate bars, passersby will have an innate need to find out why.
You may not want be too random with your visual merchandising for fear of confusing shoppers, but a tiny out of place detail can encourage intrigue.

2. Choose the right color for your sales signs
Colors influence behaviors. Shopify said stores favor the color red for sales events because it promotes a sense of urgency. If you want marketing that pulls people into your space, special deals have to stand out.

This may mean red won't work if your overall branding is crimson, it would just blend in. You may think of using green because it communicates wealth or blue which creates impressions of honesty.

3. Outdoor sales racks
You might think bringing product displays outside may appear sloppy, but there are certain times disorder can be profitable. Some stores use disorganized sales racks to create a kind of treasure hunt for their customers, according to The Mirror.

If you put a clothes rack or shelf full of products outside, you can show off your stores variety. By putting an assortment of goods out front, window shoppers may start sorting through options and move inside when they see quality products, but not the specific ones they want.

4. Greet them with a smell
It's a fairly common tactic for grocery stores to put rotisserie chickens and fresh baked bread near the front door so the business greets shoppers with appetizing smells. Your business may not sell consumables, but the sense of smell is important and you should take it into account when designing your space.

For example, when you run a bookstore you probably don't want the people walking by your front door to get a whiff of must or mildew. Instead, you can use air fresheners or candles to create a proper atmosphere that extends from your store to the space immediately out front.

5. Talk to their phone
Wouldn't it be great if you could greet every person who walked by your store? If you use a mobile loyalty program, you can send discounts and promotions to shoppers in your area looking for a good deal.

As soon as they're within range of your front door, mobile shopping subscribers can receive whatever message you want to send. You should find a flexible program you can design yourself to take advantage of other tricks like color and expectancy violation.


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