Thursday, April 14, 2016

The benefits of small rewards in loyalty programs

Author: YI-Mobility Inc.

A ticket for a cruise is pretty expensive, so you probably assume that it takes more than a free drink to convince someone to make a purchase. However, The Los Angeles Times reported this is exactly what might sway consumers debating multiple cruise line offers. Small rewards for loyal patronage can go a long way when customers can depend on specialized treatment. If a company can't offer a free cruise, it can promise customers they'll get more from membership sign-up than without it.
Small businesses and restaurants can learn from the cruise example and invest in programs and systems that deliver consistent rewards for loyalty as opposed to breaking the bank on big ticket items.
Small does not mean worthless
While you can make your loyalty program extremely convenient to join, customers won't go through the effort - no matter how slight - of subscription if they don't see value immediately. CRMsearch said irrelevant offers and lackluster benefits were two of the reasons loyalty programs failed.
Instead of forcing customers to jump through multiple hoops in order to eventually earn a large prize, you can give them a reward whenever they make a purchase. This means patrons will understand what they must do to earn rewards and will receive instant gratification every time they perform an activity beneficial to a store or restaurant.
A free cup of coffee is usually very persuasive. A free cup of coffee is usually very persuasive.
If you have a smart loyalty program that can track individual shopper behaviors, you can increase the value of a small gift by giving it more relevance. Minor discounts will be more appealing when they are for items the customer routinely buys.
The power of consistency
UPS research shared by EMarketer found 61 percent of U.S. consumers join loyalty programs when they earn free products, while discounts were the second preferred perk with 58 percent. Even though free stuff is attractive, stores may be better off supplying routine discounts instead of inconsistent flashy rewards.
This means companies need a solution for delivering consistent rewards. It may be as simple as a punch card system, so shoppers can see their progress. You can also try instantly delivering small discounts through beacon technology. A digital solution is helpful because consumers won't lose or forget physical cards and sabotage their own progress.
When you can monitor a loyalty membership program, you can see how rewards work. Smart solutions allow you to automate promotion campaigns and program rewards. If delivery is consistent, it not only saves you time, it provides results free from variables. You can measure the exact effectiveness of rewards of any size.
Get creative with rewards
With the proper software system and digital loyalty programs you save money and resources you can pass on to the consumer. This may mean more rewards or bigger prizes, but either way the customer should get more out of sign-up. With the extra time saved through automation, you can devote time to thinking up new campaigns.
It's great if digital software tools are also flexible so stores and restaurants can change campaigns according to customer feedback and new ideas. Small rewards may seem more exciting if they reference current events, holidays or particular consumer trends. It also allows companies to see if these innovative promotions work or if it's time to try something new.

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